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Larry's Courses, part of the Larry Stevenson Group, provide instruction for personal and professional development from high school to retirement. Our courses include how to 

  1. Earn Scholarships at Any Age
  2. Invest in Interesting Internships
  3. Get that Crucial Career Job Before Graduation
  4. Earn the Biggest Raises
  5. Get a Great Job in 2 Months
  6. Make GoalsWork to Do, Buy, Go, Be, & Give More

We hope you enjoy this course and enroll in others as you desire to grow personally or professionally.

The Larry Stevenson Group

The Larry Stevenson Group inspires and prepares people to prevail with  purpose, passion, and prosperity in their professional and personal pursuits.

Larry Stevenson, our principal partner, provides our clients with 40+ years experience--and powerful perspectives--providing people in 25+ countries personal and career development services from high school to retirement. He is the author of 

  • How to Find 70-100 Scholarships Perfect for You
  • How to Get Free Money for College! Enjoy $100,000s in Scholarships at Any Age!
  • Do the Work You Love: Planning a Rewarding Career
  • Problems at Work That Can Cost You Your Job or Stall Your Career
  • Land the Job You Love: A Simple Guide to Get a Great Job in 2 Months--and Enjoy the Search
  • Enjoy Your Job Search: 5 Steps to Transform a Traditionally Unpleasant Experience into Meaningful Motivation
  • 7 Reasons You May Not Get to Retire and How to Fix Them

His books are available on Kindle or Amazon.

Our affiliates combine decades of experience in career development, business strategy, marketing, IT, and gadget guides. Our goal: if we can't provide you with what you desire, we probably know someone who can.

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