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This online course teaches the participant the 5 components to get free money for college through scholarships. This course will show you how to:

  • Find 70-150 scholarships perfect for you.
  • Prepare 36 statements that prove you deserve scholarship money.
  • Solicit 4-5 reusable letters of recommendation.
  • Write 5-6 reusable scholarship essays.
  • Apply for 2-3 scholarships a week in just 90 minutes.

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The Scholarship Mastermind Group meets online each Tuesday (except holidays) 5:30 - 6:30 MST. The agenda is simple:

  • Each participant shares action taken since the last meeting.
  • Participants ask questions or work on the 5 Steps to Scholarship Success.
  • Each participant lists 4 things they are going to to do before the next meeting.

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Combine the Scholarship Mastermind Group and online course to maximize your effectiveness as you apply for scholarships:

  • Online Course: videos, worksheets, quizzes, and answers.
  • Regular email messages of ideas, tips, suggestions, and encouragement.
  • Twice monthly group calls to stay motivated, solve problems, and share successes.
  • All the benefits of both the online course and the Scholarship Mastermind Group!

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Larry Stevenson

Larry Stevenson began helping people find and earn scholarships in 1984. He coached one student to earn $360,000 between her 13th and 18th birthday. Another client, a single mother of 2, paid for tuition, books and housing for her junior and senior years of college plus earned $98,000 for her graduate degree in one year.  

As a professional trainer he taught 1,700+ groups in 22+ countries. He has authored 6 books including Get Free Money for College! Enjoy $100,000s in Scholarships--at Any Age! and How to Find 50-100 Scholarships Perfect for You!

4 Myths About Scholarships

Watch as Larry exposes the myths that prevent people from applying for free scholarship money

""Thank you again for doing this for us tonight! It was super beneficial to hear all of this new information. I'm thrilled to have this new knowledge and be able to teach my fellow students.""

Romney Institute, Brigham Young Univeristy

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