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Online Course

Succeed with 5 Keys! 

This online course guides you to prepare and implement 5 guides to transform a traditionally unpleasant experience into meaningful momentum through explanation, demonstration, videos, and exercises: :

  • Draft a Dream Job Description to Evaluate Job Offers
  • Adopt the "How can I help?" attitude
  • Ask questions to discover wants & needs
  • Prepare tools to prove you are their solution
  • Make your 10s: 10 contacts a day and 10 meetings a week.

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Virtual Job Club

Connect with Others!

The Virtual Job Club meets online each Monday (2:00 to 2:30 MST) and Friday (1:00 to 2:00 MST), except on major holidays.

The agenda is simple. Each participant:

  • Shares their steps taken since the last meeting
  • Reviews and practices a job search skill
  • Brainstorms solutions to obstacles preventing success and share connections
  • Lists 4 actions they will complete before the next meeting
  • Shares connections to targeted companies

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Combine Them

Save & Be More Effective!

Use our combination discount to get enjoy our online course, virtual job club, and email support to encourage your progress and success

  • Online Course: instruction, videos, worksheets, exercises, and quizzes
  • Regular email messages of ideas, tips, suggestions, and encouragement.
  • Twice weekly group calls to stay motivated, solve problems, and share connections, and accelerate successes
  • Receive individual coaching as needed



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Larry Stevenson

Brings 20+ years experience coaching people in 22+ countries to get great jobs earning $50,000 - $150,000. He authored 8 books including

  • Enjoy Your Job Search 5 Steps to Transform a Traditionally Unpleasant Experiences into Meaningful Momentum,
  • Land the Job You Love A Simple Guide to Get a Great Job in 2 Months--and Enjoy the Search,
  • Do the Work You Love: Planning a Rewarding Career, 
  • Problems at Work that Can Cost You Your Job or Stall Your Career and
  • 7 Reasons You May Not Get to Retire and How to Fix Them.

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One client, after adopting Larry's unique approach to finding a job, stated "I'm having so much fun on this job search!".

Scores of clients concur with that statement after applying Larry's 5 steps process.

5 Keys to Get a Great Job!

Learn more about the 5 Keys to Get a Great Job in 2 Months!

"I’m excited to let you know that I’m now the professional program manager with a start pay which is almost tripling my previous pay...Thank you again. The principles work."

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