What to Do to Earn Scholarships During the School Year

scholarships Sep 23, 2021

We recognize that multiple priorities demand students' (whether in junior high, high school, or college) attention during the school year. Homework, school activities, private lessons, sports and various ventures occupy their time. We outline, because of that, tasks that can be done each week in just 90 minutes.

90-Minutes a Week in the First 4 Months

Your first 3 months involve finding the scholarships perfect for you and preparing reusable materials to expedite the application process. Tasks included in these 4 months include:

  • Recognizing why you deserve their money
  • Finding 50-150 scholarships you will apply to receive
  • Preparing 33 statements (9 each month) that prove you deserve their money
  • Obtaining 5 letters of recommendation
  • Writing 4-6 reusable essays for scholarships
  • Building a master application that you will use to copy from, and paste into, scholarship applications

90 Minutes a Week in 5th-12th Month

With your reusable materials prepared and perfected, applying for each scholarship typically requires only 20-30 minutes of work. The tasks listed below will allow you to apply for 105 scholarships in one year, and prepare for the continued applications in the next year.

  • Apply for 2-3 Scholarships a Week: Copy and paste from your master application and 33 scholarship statements to complete the fields in the applications.
  • Modify and upload reusable essays: Select the essay most appropriate to that scholarship. Make needed modifications to personalize the message to their theme.
  • Attach letters of recommendation to the application.
  • Prepare additional scholarship statements as you achieve, compete, or serve throughout the year.
  • Solicit new letters of recommendation from people as you study, work, or serve with them.

Students, at any age, do not possess and abundance of time during the school year. These steps can help them continue to get free money for college in just 90 minutes a week.

Get a free copy of our scholarship cheat sheet which provides week-by-week details of what we described in this article by completing our free evaluation at


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