We Call DESIRED Limitations to Your Dreams SCOPE

goalswork Oct 19, 2021

Every dream encounters limitations or barriers. We desire some limitations and do not desire others. In fact, we must impose some limitations on our dreams to make them achievable.

Desired limitations define the scope our dreams.

Scope may include limitations such as time, money, location, size or more:

  • Time limitations include the deadline for achieving the dream, the season to see a new  country, the time you will involve in achieving the dream.
  • Money limitations dictate how much money will invest in trying to achieve the dream to ensure the dream does not bankrupt you.
  • Location limitations focus what city or country you will visit, the place you will open a new branch of your business, or the region of the world you will either get a job or buy a new house.
  • Size limitations could apply to an appliance fitting into the space built into the wall, an expansion in your business product/service, or a dress or pant size as part of becoming more fit.

Your connections may help you identify and define the desired limitations or scope of your dreams.

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