Torn Between 2 Professional Focuses

goalswork Feb 16, 2021

I spent 40 years helping people improve their careers through getting free money for college, better jobs in line with their purpose, and enhanced promotions and raises. I worked for a great global non-government organization with operations in 36+ countries. The efforts of our division focused on Education, Employment, and Self-Employment. Our CEO challenged us "Where there is widespread poverty, let us do all that we can to help our members lift themselves and establish their lives on a foundation of self-reliance."

I embraced our opportunity to serve the whole work-life spectrum from education for better job skills all the way through getting jobs or starting & growing their business. The job provided a wide breadth of skills and training. We learned how to assist people of all ages to

  1. Select a career that could provide adequately for them and their families
  2. Get free money for education and receive the training to improve their job prospects
  3. Find the employment that they prepared to perform and fulfilled purpose and passion
  4. Start or grow a business if that was the journey they chose to pursue
  5. Continue their career growth with the biggest raises and the best promotion

I retired from that NGO in 2017. Since then, I still desire to help people grow their professional life. I provide coaching, workshops (online and in-person when COVID allows), online courses, and author books on the subject. I've tried to pursue the same 3 focuses, contrary to conventional wisdom. Colleagues, experts, and consultants encourage us to "find our lane and stick to it." Showing two focuses (I narrowed mine to just scholarships and job search) confuses social media algorithms. As a result, my SEO stays low. My outreach on social media remains limited.

For a while, I restricted my services to just helping people with scholarships. Then, COVID increased unemployment and millions needed help finding jobs. I rediscovered my love for providing both services--and that I'm really good at both. So, contrary to all the advice I feel inclined to pursue both avenues scholarships and job search. I recognize consequences will follow my decision and guess I accept them. I hope I chose wisely.

So, I beg your patience when my posts and articles follow both paths. Thank you.

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