Substitute Writing Assignments for Scholarship Essay Topics

Oct 07, 2021

Many scholarships request you submit an essay based on topics they dictate.

Typically, the topics for the essays align with the goals or interests of the scholarship sponsors. 

High school and college students receive writing assignments for class work. 

We suggest you consider any writing assignment as a possibility for a scholarship essay.

If the assignment cannot apply to a scholarship topic, you may wish to present the teacher wi a list of typical scholarship essays (see the links below to see current topics) to the teacher and say,

"I'm going to apply for 50-100 scholarships and would like to use this writing assignment as part of the application."

"Would you please read this list of topics and select one for me to write about rather than the topic you assigned?"

Abide by the teacher's decision. Do not contest them if they refuse to allow the substitution.

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