Spend Some Summer Sending for Scholarships

scholarships May 20, 2021

We recognize that most high school and college, even during COVID, possess very little discretionary time during the school year. Other activities such as athletics, dance, music, homework, etc. occupy their time. Many find even our suggested 90 minutes overwhelming. As school draws to an end, however, youth have more time to apply for scholarships.

Our Scholarship Cheat Sheet suggest what students may do each week in just 90 minutes. During the summer, however, they may wish to spend 3-5 hours performing the same activities outlined in the checklist. One hour 3 days a week or every day will keep students occupied without undo pressure. They can:

  • Complete profiles on scholarship search engines and look for scholarships in lists
  • Prepare and refine their scholarship statements to prove they deserve the money
  • Write 5-6 reusable essays (one a week)
  • Finish of the 4-5 letters of recommendation
  • Apply for 2-8 scholarships a week (assuming they had finished their preparations)
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