Prove You are the Solution They Need

job search Mar 16, 2021

Allowing your curiosity to seek who to help remains crucial to enjoying your job search. Asking questions that help you altruistically discover who needs what you can do--and love to do--to achieve their goals and resolve the obstacles preventing their success. Once you discover the organizations that need your help to grow, you need to prove you are their solution.

This requires 4 steps:

  1. Identify--in specific detail--how you can help them
  2. Provide them with facts illustrating how you resolved similar challenges or achieved similar results
  3. Verify that the examples you shared meet their needs and expectations
  4. Ask them how they want you to help

I suspect that many readers will dismiss this formula as too simple. They may site their own frustrations and reasons that it won't work. However, the fun begins once you adopt the "how can I help?" attitude and focus on proving you are the solution they need. Professionals recognize their responsibility to provide management with facts and valuable information to make a good decision. Some tools you can prepare to prove you are the solution include your

  • Dessert tray to answer "Tell me about yourself"
  • Home run statements to factually share what you have done for others and apply past results their success
  • Strategy to reframe their thinking about your perceived weaknesses
  • Questions to gather information required to provide the answers to their questions
  • Strategy to reconnect after interviews to provide additional proof you are their solution
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