Optimize Connections to Let Your Dreams Work(tm)

goalswork Oct 25, 2021

Many people try to make their dreams come true by themselves.

Isolation frequently leads to failure which creates frustration and a hesitation to attempt future dreams.

Optimizing connections involves others in letting your dreams work(Tm).

Your connections include your family, friends, colleagues, and acquaintances.

Connections also may include online sources, acquaintances through social media, and people you don't know,

These connections may help you in a variety of ways

  • Share how to accomplish your dream because they already did the same thing
  • Generate ideas of actions that you can take to achieve your dreams
  • Use their expertise to do actions you would struggle performing yourself
  • Teach you expertise so you can perform more effectively &efficiently
  • Brainstorm solutions to real limitations you encounter on your journey
  • Help you label the windmills in  your journey so you can deal with them
  • Encourage you to act consistently and synergize purposefully
  • Celebrate your success with you
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