Identify 50 People a Week in Just 2 Hours on Monday for Your Job Search

job search Sep 22, 2021

Make it Easier to Contact People

Most professionals resist calling people on Monday mornings. They recognize that people want to catch up on work and attend meetings typically scheduled for Monday morning.

Therefore, Monday morning provides a great time to schedule your week and identify all 50 people you will contact. Knowing who you will contact makes it easier to contact them. It removes the uncertainty and provides direction for your activities that week.

Think as a Professional, Not a Job Seeker

Using this system, you can identify all 50 people in two hours on Monday morning. This system works when your professional identity controls your thoughts. When you find this difficult to do, ask yourself “Am I thinking like a job seeker?” Also, remember 50% or more of the people you will contact possess information about who needs help that you want to discover.

Where to Find the 50 People to Contact

Identify the following number of people from the following sources:

  1.  10 people from your email and phone contact lists: As you write their names, identify
    1. The purpose of the contact: gather information, schedule a meeting, or reconnect
    2. If they are technical or non-technical people, which defines which questions you will ask
  2. 20 people from LinkedIn, Social Media, Professional Associations and Other Directories: Identify
    1.  The purpose of the contact: gather information about current or past employers or competitors
    2. If they are technical or non-technical people which defines which questions you will ask
  3. 10-20 people from previous contacts or meetings: Review your calendar or task lists from the last 4 weeks to identify
    1. Decision makers you met with and the stage in the reconnecting strategy for that week
    2. Technical or non-technical people who gave you information or additional contacts and what information
      you need to reconnect or report on
  4. 7-10 Job postings you found from, Monster, LinkedIn, and other job boards. Still try to find non-technical or technical contacts from email, phone, & social media to gather inside information

Schedule 10 a Day Into Your Calendar

Once you identified your 50 people schedule them into your calendar (mobile, desktop, or paper) either as scheduled timeframes individually or in a 90-minute reserved block with the names indicated in the description field. You did most of the work. You identified who to contact, when to contact them, and what you will talk about.

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