Helping Parents Motivate Children to Earn Scholarships

scholarships Feb 11, 2021

The cost of higher education continues to escalate. Student skyrockets plunging students into 20 and 30 years of debt. Increasingly recent college graduates delay buying homes, starting families, and moving on with their lives as staggering student loans combine with less than expected salaries to forecast gloom. Yet, $2.3 billion in free government money for education went unclaimed in one year.

I've worked with high school and college students from 13 to 62 to get free money for college through scholarships. Using workshops, coaching, and articles we've helped some student earn great money. One girl earned $260,000 between her 13th and 18th birthday. She started at age 13, maintained a 4.0 GPA, and worked hard to get the money.

Many parents encounter obstacles to helping their children get scholarships. Too many students doubt they deserve scholarships. Other students find the tasks required to apply for scholarships too difficult and time consuming. Finally, the majority of students think their is a scarcity of free money so they don't apply.

After working with thousands of students, I've realized that parents struggle to know how to motivate their children. Most parents don't understand how to find scholarships, nor how to help their children craft applications that convince scholarship sponsors to recognize and reward their children with the money. I also realized that teaching parents to coach their children effectively would multiply the number of students receiving scholarship money.

As a result, my future tips and articles will focus on what parents can do to

  1. Help their children believe they deserve the scholarships
  2. Guide children to discover scholarships through search engines, lists, and other sources
  3. Inspire children to prepare statements that describe their achievements and why they deserve the money
  4. Motivate children to redraft or prepare essays to submit with scholarship applications
  5. Lead children to solicit letters of recommendation to upload in their applications
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