Dream Job Descriptions Guide Your Job Search

job search Apr 13, 2021

We advocate you draft a job description for the kind of job you really want. A dream job description includes 7 sections:

  1. What purpose do you hope to achieve with your job, career, or professional calling?
  2. What skills, tasks, and responsibilities do you wish to perform on the job?
  3. In what industries do you want to focus your efforts and assistance?
  4. What size of a company do you want to work in? Start up, small, medium, large, or global?
  5. What owners do you wish to work for: stockholders, private or family, self, government, or nonprofit?
  6. In what location and locale do you want to work in?
  7. What physical layout, culture, environment, management style, written and unwritten rules do you want to see in your workplace?

While you probably won't find a perfect match, your description can guide you to identifying target companies. We strongly encourage you to focus on identifying companies that match the industry, size, ownership, and location whether they advertise job openings or not. Resist the tendency to focus on advertised job postings! They only account for 20 to 40% of hiring decisions (depending on which study you find).

You may find companies based on the criteria we listed above through CareerOneStop, Indeed, Glassdoor, professional association directories, and other sources. Most of them will include information--and thus filters--about the company's industry, employee size, ownership status, and location. Typically, you can sort the lists on any of these columns. Thus, you can find companies that match the industry, size, ownership, and location of your dream job description.

Having found target companies you may read reviews about the company's culture, management style, and environment. This data will allow you to eliminate companies that do not meet your qualifications. We recommend you target 4 new companies a week to investigate further by online research and taking to current and former employees.

In this way, your dream job description guides you to identify or eliminate companies that will enhance your satisfaction, purpose, and passion on the job.

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