Basic Tips for Earning Scholarships

scholarships Jan 14, 2021

Once a month I will publish an article about how to earn, up to $360,000 in, scholarships. The techniques that I will share have helped thousands of people to earn $4,000-$360,000 in scholarships. One person we coached earned $90,000 in 8 months.

Today, we will begin by sharing some basic tips that will help you discover 40-80 scholarships that are most applicable to you. These tips work for high school students, current college students, and older adults returning to college.

  • Differentiate between grants and scholarships: Grants are given based on need. Scholarships are given to reward merit or accomplishment. Many people confuse the two, get discouraged when they don't get grants, and give up. Remember, you deserve the scholarships because of what you have done and who you are.
  • Two types of scholarships: Some scholarships, which I call restricted scholarships, define exactly how you may use the money: tuition at a specific school or for specific majors for example. Other scholarships, which I call unrestriced, allow you to use the money any way you wish: housing, food, transportation, even dating. You want to make sure you get plenty of both kinds to cover all your education costs.
  • Three types of scholarship sources: You will use three different types of sources to find your scholarships. Scholarship lists contain information about scholarships. They don't remember you, they don't identify which scholarships apply most to you, nor do they keep track of what you found. Scholarship search engines require that you create a profile, ask you questions, and based on your answers make a list of scholarships you may qualify to earn. Single source scholarships share information about one scholarship at a time.
  • Convince committees that you deserve their reward: Saying the right things to convince scholarship committees requires sharing facts with them that help them make good decisions. You prepare what to say so that you can copy and paste it into the 40-60 scholarship applications you will complete.

These tips form a foundation for earning thousands of dollars from scholarships. We will add to them in future articles. We hope you find them helpful.

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