Ask TECHNICAL People Questions to Discover How You Can Help

job search Oct 19, 2021

For the purpose of this article technical people include anyone doing a job similar to what you desire to do.

Remember that you ask questions to discover what goals, needs, and wants the company possesses that you could help them achieve. 

Questions for technical people include details about the following general topics (remember that you should not ask questions that may disclose proprietary or fiduciary information):

  • Specific projects or goals the team is trying to achieve
  • Industry or occupational trends you or others noticed occurring in the industry
  • Government or other regulatory changes that may impact the work done by you and technical colleagues
  • Software or other tools commonly used in the industry or occupation
  • Articles or media published about the industry or occupation

You may ask questions by text, email, phone, or in-person. Other than in-person meetings limit your conversations to 1-3 questions at a time. Combine your questions into logical group topics with appropriate follow-up questions.

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