Non-Technical People Can Give You Great Information

Oct 12, 2021
Photo by Christina on Unsplash

One step to let your dreams work to get a better job involves asking people questions to discover how you can help a company move forward.

Most people fall into one of two categories: technical people (people who work in the same work you wish to do) and non-technical people (people who work for a company, but not related to what you wish to do).

Here is a simple script to gather some great information from non-technical people in just 5 minutes.

"Where do you work?" (let them answer)

"Because I am a <marketing professional>, I'm always interested in how companies <market their product or service>. May I ask you a few questions?" (let them answer)

"How does your company market their products or services? Do they have an in-house team or outsource it?"  "Where is the team located?" (let them answer)

"What do they do well?" (let them answer)

"What do you wish they did better?" (let them answer)

"Thank you for the information. Would you mind if I contacted you if I have further questions. Also, do you have the name of anyone on the marketing team? (let them answer)

Would you share their contact information? May I use your name when I contact them? (let them answer)

Notice how much information you gathered in this simple script:

  1. How the company does what you want to do
  2. What that team does well
  3. Something you might be able to help them do better
  4. The name of someone else to contact

Try using this script with family, friends, acquaintances, at social gatherings. Share your experiences in our comments section.

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