Submit 2-3 SCHOLARSHIP Applications in 90 Minutes a Week

Oct 21, 2021

You let your dreams work to get scholarships at any age by preparing reusable materials:

  • 33 Scholarship Statements to prove you deserve the money
  • 4-5 Letters of Recommendation from teachers, charitable organizations, church leaders, and other influential people
  • 5-6 Scholarship Essays that you modify to focus on the purposes of the scholarship committee
  • Answers from Previous Applications that you add to your master application so you can copy and paste the answers into new applications

With these reusable materials you can complete an entire scholarship application in just 30-40 minutes by

  1. Copying and pasting answers from your master application into the application
  2. Copying and pasting scholarship statements into fields asking about your experiences in leadership, athletics, academics, service, entrepreneurship, or more.
  3. Uploading 1 or 2 letters of recommendation
  4. Modify and upload the most appropriate scholarship essay
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