40 Scholarships Between 3 Children

scholarships Feb 09, 2021

Julie S recently informed me that her 3 children earned 40 scholarships for college. She and her children attended one of my workshops 5 years a go and implemented what they learned. She updated me on their progress: 1 in medical school, 1 in law school, and 1 starting a doctoral program in physics.

I wanted to share one of her comments and practices with you. She mentioned one of the rewarding aspects of implementing our approach to getting free money for college: getting to know the small family-sponsored scholarships. She enjoyed reading their stories and understanding why they were offering the scholarship. She approached each group as people rather than an impersonal organization with a faceless committee.

As we shared in pervious articles, people sponsor scholarships for a variety of reasons. Some wish to reward a specific accomplishment. Others seek to promote social issues and awareness. Many desire to provide opportunities to disadvantaged populations whose challenges they shared in the past. Many families establish scholarships to honor or in memory of a loved one. For example, my uncle sponsors a scholarship at the university where my his father coached and taught for several decades. Julie and her children discovered what motivated each scholarship and researched the people involved.

I encourage you to follow a practice that Julie's family implemented. They reconnected with every organization who awarded them a scholarship to share what they had done with the money they received. They explained how they used the money, what courses they took, and even after they graduated. I will add that you may wish to share a 30-60 second video testimonial thanking them for the money.

We want to help many more families, like Julie's, reduce or eliminate student debt through free money for college. More importantly, we want you to enjoy it as much as Julie's family did.

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