2 Outlooks for Goal-Setting

goalswork Dec 29, 2020

While I'm not an advocate of new year's resolutions, I strongly believe in setting goals for the new year. I've set goals every year for the past 35 years. While I don't achieve all of them (and I'm okay with that), I know I accomplish more than if I didn't set goals.

In my 50s I discovered two distinct outlooks on goals. The outlook may be influenced by what kind of organization you work in. I spent my whole professional life working for a non-profit. We were taught to set high goals that made us stretch. It was alright if we didn't hit them all because aiming high improved our services.

Our organization hired someone from the for-profit sector. He, and my brother, helped me recognize that in the corporate/stockholder world stock prices feel when the organization did not hit all their goals. As a result, they set less aggressive and more easily attainable goals. Failing to achieve their goals brought severe repercussions personally and organizationally.

I encourage you to examine your outlook on goal-setting. Select the approach that works best for you, but set some goals. Consider five types of goals: what you want to become, do, contribute, purchase, and visit.

Sincerely, work to achieve them. Life can be better. #goals2021 #goalsetting #failureleadstosuccess #AchieveMore

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